Balancing Everything Out

Balancing Everything Out: Fifteen years of research into dizziness, balance and the pathology of Meniere's disease

Making It Better

It is fifteen years since the Meniere's Society started its Research Programme. In that time, we have been fortunate to build a positive reputation across the community of researchers, clinicians and patients with an interest in Meniere's and vestibular disorders. Our programme is recognised both for the quality of research it supports and for its policy of focusing solely upon Meniere's and related disorders; whilst encouraging research into every aspect of these conditions.

As a result of nearly £0.5 million invested in research we now have, or are moving towards:

  • better understanding of the psychology of Meniere's disease
  • better tests to identify and monitor the condition
  • better, less destructive treatments for severe cases.

This paper describes some of the projects which we have supported in the search for new ways to make things better for people with dizziness and balance disorders.

Meniere's disease is a debilitating condition with no known cause or cure.

Download the full report: Balancing Everything Out


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