Information & support

This section contains information for people affected by vestibular disorders and those who support them. Our easy to understand information covers everything from symptoms to treatments and coping day-to-day; whether you’re newly diagnosed or in the later stages of your condition. You can also contact us to speak to one of our team in confidence.

Free book

Download a copy of Vertigo and dizziness by Professor Lucy Yardley

Available in English and Spanish.

Balance & the ear

The balance system works by coordinating information in your brain from the three senses used for balance: your balance organ in the inner ear, your eyes and your internal sense of position/movement in your body.

Peer support 

Making contact with others can provide valuable support. View a list of local support groups to find a group near you. 

Find a specialist

Access a list of health professionals who specialise in vestibular disorders. This list is currently being updated - if you are looking for a health professional in your area, please contact the Meniere's Society for more details at this time.

Let us know how we can contact you

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Treatment and management

There are different treatment measures to help you manage dizziness. It is important to discuss the treatments available with your health professional and find the best option for you.

Information for health professionals

Download or order factsheets for your patients, find out about membership for organisations and the Meniere’s Society research programme.

Visiting ENT, diagnosis and testing

Read about the different tests you may undergo when visiting ENT/audiology.

Day to day

Tips for coping with vertigo on a daily basis, as well as information for others to help them support you.