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Balance Awareness Week 2019

Balance Awareness Week 15-21 September 2019

Can you help? Meeting Room Required

We are looking for a new venue to hold our quarterly meetings.

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Balance Awareness Week 2018 Update

Balance Awareness Week 16-22 Sept 2018 - Daily Update. Find out what's going on this week!

Balance Disorder Spectrum

Balance disorders in one easy to use interactive web site.

Notice of Meniere’s Society AGM 2018

Notice of the 31st Meniere's Society AGM - 13 October 2018

Annual Conference 13 October 2018

Meniere's Society Conference 2018

Balance Awareness Week 16-22 September 2018

Balance Awareness Week 16-22 September 2018

In the news today…Chris Packham

Mail Online [15 May 2018] Chris Packham reveals Ménière's disorder