About the Society

The Ménière’s Society is the only registered charity in the UK dedicated solely to supporting people with vestibular (inner ear) disorders causing dizziness and imbalance.

Support ~ Research ~ Awareness

A national organisation, the Ménière’s Society has been offering information and support to those affected by vestibular conditions and those who care for them; as well as health professionals and the general public for over 30 years. 
The Meniere's Society: 
  • Supports sufferers, their families and carers helping to improve their quality of life
  • Funds vital research into vestibular disorders
  • Works closely with professionals, researchers and organisations to ensure a collaborative approach and raise awareness of these less known conditions.

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Annual reports and accounts

Our annual report and accounts reviews the Meniere’s Society performance for the financial year. Download our reports as PDFs via the links below.