The Ménière’s Society is the only registered charity in the UK dedicated solely to supporting people affected by dizziness and balance problems caused by vestibular disorders. 

Our Mission

We’re here to help people with inner ear (vestibular) disorders. We provide essential support and information to enable people to cope positively and get the right diagnosis. We are a voice for sufferers within the medical community and raise awareness for greater public understanding. We work towards a brighter future through investment in vital medical research.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world in which no-one suffers with vestibular disorders.

Our Values

Our work is guided by our belief and commitment to the following values:

  • Empathy - talk to us; no-one should feel alone with dizziness
  • Care - we can help you find the support you need
  • Community - bringing patients and professionals together
  • Knowledge - we will continue to support vital research
  • Understanding - greater awareness of vestibular disorders

Annual reports and accounts

Our annual report and accounts reviews the Meniere’s Society performance for the financial year. Download our reports as PDFs via the links below.