Office team

The Ménière’s Society currently employs four members of staff. The small office team is supported by volunteers. The office is staffed Monday to Friday during office hours.
Natasha Harrington-Benton, Director
Natasha is responsible for the day to day running of the Meniere's Society. Her role involves a wide range of activities including fundraising, strategy, publicity, attending events and liaising with health professionals, researchers and related organisations; as well as remaining a hands-on member of the office team – responding to enquiries and calls on the telephone information line. Natasha has 24 years’ experience in the voluntary and not-for-profit sector and has worked for the Society for 13 years.
Elaine Fenner, Membership Manager
Elaine manages the Society’s membership database, ensuring members’ records are kept up-to-date and all donations and subscriptions are processed swiftly. She is also responsible for the Society’s Gift Aid claims, administering the annual conference and facilities management for the Society. Elaine has been a key member of the office team for over 20 years and, if you’ve called the information line at any time, chances are you’ve spoken to Elaine.
Laura Fulco, Administration and Groups Liaison Officer
Laura is our main contact between the Society and the local support groups. She is working her way round visiting all the groups, as well as producing a regular group newsletter. Laura is also representing the Meniere's Society at the Accessible Transport Forum (ATF) which is part of the Heathrow Access Advisory Group (HAAG) and aims to bring to the forefront the additional support required from people travelling with disabilities of all kinds, including those with hidden disabilities. Laura also responds to information line enquiries. 
Kelly Boyson, Fundraiser
Our newest recruit! Kelly has joined the team to help support fundraising for the Meniere's Society. Kelly was diagnosed with Ménière’s disease four years ago, she has helped with voluntary work for the charity getting awareness out and has decided to join us to look after our fundraising which will enable us to support even more research and develop the Society's services further.

Board of Trustees

The Ménière’s Society is governed by a Board of Trustees. There are currently nine trustees, elected annually by the membership. All trustees are directly acquainted with the symptoms and challenges vestibular disorders present, either as a sufferer, carer or health professional working in the field.





Members of the Trustee Board (pictured with the Director)
Mr David Renton, Honorary Chair of Trustees
Mrs Pennie Ford, Honorary Vice-Chair
Mr Iain (Spike) Bromley, Honorary Treasurer
Mr Andrew Clements
Mrs Carol Evans
Dr Alan Jacques
Mr Rory MacNeill
Mr Simon Webster


Mrs Marie B Nobbs MBE (1 Feb 1922 - 13 Aug 2016)
Marie founded the Meniere’s Society in 1984 after she met people who had set up a telephone self-help network for Ménière’s sufferers in the Netherlands. With support and encouragement from other hard of hearing colleagues, Marie decided to establish a similar support group in the UK. The Meniere’s Society acquired charitable status in 1987. Since then the Society has gone from strength to strength. Marie sadly passed away on 13 August 2016.

Patrons & Ambassadors

Lady Marjorie Clark - Patron
Mr Ian Chapman CBE - Patron

Annual reports and accounts