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Why should your organisation partner with the Meniere's Society?

Be part of a positive change

It is estimated that one in 10 working-age adults suffer some degree of disability due to dizziness and yet this symptom is still little understood and sufferers often feel isolated due to the lack of awareness and support available. A partnership between your organisation and the Ménière's Society could help us begin to change that. As well as making a big difference to the lives of those in need, there are huge benefits to your organisation supporting the Ménière’s Society.

Make charitable support a key part of your business strategy…and reap the benefits!

In your office kitchen, canteen or breakaway area, you’re bound to see regular sponsorship forms or photos of fundraising initiatives that your staff have got involved with in their free time. Supporting a charity or cause that your staff believe in, and making it a part of your organisation’s business plan, is a great way of engaging internal stakeholders in your values, as well as communicating to your customers that you are a socially-responsible organisation. When faced with a choice between two companies that offered products and services for the same price, 82% said their decision would be affected by whether a company engaged with charities and its local community.[1]

Benefits include:

- More motivated employees
- Staff engagement and morale is improved
- Team building opportunities
- Improved employee wellbeing
- Demonstration of your organisations’ credibility
- Commitment to CSR
- Recognition for the good you create in society.
- Great brand awareness; encouraging PR and media coverage
- Potential for a rise in profits
- Client loyalty through stronger relationships with your stakeholders.

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[1] Most consumers favour companies that support charities, says study | Third Sector. 2019.

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