The Ménière’s Society hosts online sessions to give people a chance to chat with each other about their vestibular condition and how they manage it.

It was lovely to meet everyone, very positive and informative.

Meetings are hosted by the Ménière’s Society team and offer the chance for an informal discussion and an opportunity to ask questions*. From time to time, we’ll also have guest speakers discussing a variety of topics. There are sessions specifically for members of the Ménière’s Society and others for non-members. Meetings are held during lunchtime or in the evening to try and give everyone a chance to attend. Please note time stated is London, UK.

2024 Dates      
Non-Members Wed 19 Jun 2024 1830-1915  
Members Thu 20 Jun 2024 1830-1915 Revised date
Members Tue 23 Jul 2024 1300-1345  
Non-Members Wed 24 Jul 2024 1300-1345  
Members Wed 04 Sep 2024 1300-1345  
Non-Members Thu 05 Sep 2024 1300-1345  
Members Tue 15 Oct 2024 1830-1915  
Non-Members Wed 16 Oct 2024 1830-1915  
Members Tue 26 Nov 2024 1300-1345  
Non-Members Wed 27 Nov 2024 1300-1345  
2025 Dates      
Members Tue 14 Jan 2025 1300-1345  
Non-Members Wed 15 Jan 2025 1300-1345  

Further 2025 dates will be published in due course.

Register to attend a meeting

To register for any of these meetings, please email with your full name and your Ménière’s Society membership number (if applicable) and your preferred meeting day/time.

Places are limited to give everyone a chance to chat and will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

You will receive confirmation by email and a Zoom link for the meeting. 

If a meeting is oversubscribed we will run a waiting list.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our meetings.

* Please note, questions should be of a general nature. We are unable to give medical advice or answer questions related specifically to your own medical condition.

I found it very useful and interesting to find out how other people are affected and how they cope with it. I am sure it will help me deal with the condition in future and I will join in with future meetings.


I did find it useful meeting other people in the same position as me. It's nice to talk about it with people who know what Meniere's actually is!

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