Support groups are a great way to meet others with a vestibular disorder, to share hints, tips and experiences and gain mutual support.

Please contact us to be put in touch with a local group, to join an online session or for more information about setting up a group.

Local Support Groups

The groups are set up by volunteers - whether supporters, health professionals and/or related organisations. They are run autonomously from, but with the support of, the Ménière’s Society. 

I am looking for a group in:

No group in your area? Why not join one of our online sessions, or maybe consider setting up your own group!

Online Support Sessions

Online sessions are hosted by the Ménière’s Society team. These meetings give our members and supporters a chance to chat with us and each other about their vestibular condition and how they manage it. 

Interested in starting a group?

Please contact us for further information about starting your own group and ask for a copy of our 'Starting a Group' information sheet.

Group leaders

Enormous thanks to all the local group leaders who give their time voluntarily to run the groups.

Please contact us to update your group's details, request posters/leaflets or for any other enquiries.

As a Ménière's sufferer, I would have found a local support group really helpful in the early I set one up! It really wasn't difficult. The Ménière's Society helped me every step of the way and now we have over 40 members in our group.