Whether you're newly diagnosed, awaiting a confirmed diagnosis or in the later stages of your condition, you may have lots of questions. You may be wondering how long the symptoms last? Will I always feel like this? Will I be able to work or drive? How can I find out what's going on?

Or, perhaps you're a family member, friend or colleague of someone who's affected by a vestibular condition or experiencing dizziness and you want to know more about how you can support them.

Whatever your questions or concerns, we're here to help.

  • We're great listeners and can help you find answers to your questions. Call 01306 876883 or email us to chat with a member of our team. We're open Monday to Friday during office hours.
  • We can also help you find a consultant/clinician who specialises in vestibular disorders or put you in contact with a local group near you; groups are a great way to meet others, to share experiences and gain mutual support from people in a similar situation. 

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I joined the Ménière's Society when my attacks were most frequent. I found them to be very helpful with copious literature and information. This is where the Ménière's Society is indispensable – the time to talk and share experiences and channel them for the benefit of all.