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Balance Awareness Week is 18-24 September 2022. The aim of the week is to broaden understanding of vestibular (inner ear) disorders and how they affect people’s day to day lives. We’re often told by those affected that their family, friends and colleagues don’t understand what they are going through due to the hidden nature of this disability. Many people haven’t even heard of these conditions and we want to change that.

Join us during Balance Awareness Week 2022 to help us raise awareness of these debilitating inner ear conditions. 

Raising Awareness

This year’s theme is ‘raising awareness’. We know how hard you work to do this already, so why not celebrate it! 

Spreading awareness is important so that friends, family, employers, co-workers, and healthcare professionals can better understand vestibular disorders. Our hope is that an increase in awareness will help reduce misunderstandings and improve support systems for those with a vestibular disorder.

If you..

  • Follow someone online who you find helps you?
  • Go to a support group that has made your life easier?

...we would love to hear from you and celebrate these amazing people.

Find out more here:

Contact us for more information about taking part, email:

Wherever you are you can get involved. It’s a worldwide event - in collaboration with the Vestibular Disorders Association in America; part of a global effort to raise awareness and defeat dizziness! 

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