The Ménière's Society is seeking to recruit a research trustee to join our board, as our present research trustee is stepping down from the role this year.

Applicants should support the Society's Mission, Vision and Values and be full members of the Society.

As a trustee, you will share with the other trustees the general governance and strategic responsibilities for the Ménière's Society.

As research trustee you will play a leading role in the Society's research interests, including the assessment of applications for research funding. You do not need to be an expert in vestibular medicine, however, applicants should have a good understanding of general research, e.g. design and funding of projects; statistics; ethcis; scientific terminology. Previous trustee/board experience is helpful, but not essential. This is a voluntary role; however, travel and out-of-pocket expenses can be reimbursed.

Trustee meetings take place quarterly in March, June, September and December and the AGM takes place in October. In addition, there are other opportunities to support the Society's work at events and meetings throughout the year. Induction and training are available for all trustees. Your duties as a research trustee are likely to amount to around one working day per month.

For further information about becoming a trustee of the Ménière's Society, please email us:

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