This week, 10-16 May 2021 is Mental Health Awareness Week. The theme for the week is 'nature' and how connecting with nature can be beneficial for good mental health.

Our 'Let's Talk Friday' conversation on social media today asks: Does your vestibular condition have an impact on your mental health? Do you find connecting with nature, whether taking a walk, enjoying your garden or local park helps you manage your health and your symptoms? Has being able to get outdoors been particularly helpful over this last year? Do you have any other suggestions for maintaining good mental health? Join the discussion on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

If you would like to talk to our team, please contact us

If you are concerned about mental health issues it is important to speak to your GP for further support.

Mental Health Awareness Week is hosted by the Mental Health Foundation who also provide further information about getting the right help and support.

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