Balance Awareness Week 2018 saw the launch of the world’s first Balance Disorder Spectrum*, enabling for the first time easy reference to the whole range of balance disorders in one easy to use interactive web site.

Medical science is continuously updating and revising its understanding of these often distressing and debilitating conditions. The many different symptoms and causes of balance disorders mean that there have been few attempts to show what they have in common, until now.

The Balance Disorder Spectrum, created by Professor Andrew Hugill, brings together the whole range of balance disorders, enabling those affected to look at all known causes and symptoms on one page for the first time ever.

Professor Andrew Hugill, creator of the Balance Disorder Spectrum and Ménière’s disease sufferer, said:

“As someone with a balance disorder I know only too well how confusing it can be when you experience these symptoms. I wish something like this had been around when I was first affected.

Although it is no substitute for a diagnosis by a fully qualified medical practitioner it will help to inform people suffering from these conditions so that they better understand their symptoms and can have a more informed conversation with their doctor.”

Speaking during Balance Awareness Week, Natasha Harrington-Benton from the Ménière's Society said:

“Publicity and awareness of this new Balance Disorder Spectrum in the UK and worldwide will help clinicians and those affected by imbalance to make sense of these symptoms and the relationship between conditions.”

Access the Balance Disorder Spectrum online

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