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No-one can see chronic dizziness - that doesn't mean it isn't there

People who experience chronic dizziness tell us they feel their symptoms are not fully understood. They often report family and friends don’t understand what they are going through, due to the hidden nature of the symptoms which can occur at any time, sometimes without warning. Read the full article.

This week, 17-23 October 2021 is Invisible Disabilities Week. The Invisible Disabilities Association* is asking people with hidden disabilities to share their stories to show their #VisibleCourage

No-one can see chronic dizziness. People often report that friends, colleagues, families and loved ones don’t understand what they are going through due to the hidden nature of this disability. Many who experience dizziness fear going out. They worry if they will have another attack of dizziness, whether they will vomit or fall, or if they will be labelled as intoxicated by those who don’t understand. No matter how many words they use, people still say their symptoms are not fully understood.

It’s hard to explain a hidden disability; people don’t believe what they can’t see.

The Ménière's Society can help you and together we can raise more awareness...

  • Please contact us if you would like more information or support
  • Share your story – email us or share on our social media posts this week
  • Take part in Dizziness & Me: The hidden disability of chronic dizziness expressed through art
  • Become a Vertigo Voice - spread the word about the impact of vestibular disorders

…to help people ‘see’ our hidden vestibular disorders.

I find it very frustrating that not many people know about Ménière's and the effects it has on a person. I would love to see this change so there is better understanding from friends, family and work colleagues.


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