27 year old Australian, Jason Day, recently collapsed live on air during the third day of the U.S. Open. Soon after the collapse Day’s agent confirmed Jason had received a diagnosis of BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo).

The event triggered an influx of press enquiries the Society requesting TV and radio interviews about vertigo and BPPV. Something which the public found hard to understand was the misconception that vertigo only happens when a person is up high; climbing a ladder for example.

Although it was upsetting to watch Jason struggle with the effects of his symptoms live on TV, it has raised much needed awareness for BPPV, vertigo and other vestibular disorders.

Louise Banks, Fundraiser for the Society explains; “everyone thought it was odd that Jason experienced vertigo whilst walking on a relatively flat service. We were able to take this as an opportunity to raise awareness about the debilitating effects of such conditions and educate a wide audience”.

Check out a few of the interviews below:

Sky News Interview 1

Sky News Interview 2

Radio 5 Live Interview

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