Did you know there are a number of schemes in place to help you when you travel if you have an invisible condition?

Sunflower Lanyard 

The Sunflower Lanyard is offered by many UK airports. The lanyard enables staff to recognise you have a hidden disability without you needing to declare it. It will also help you to travel independently through the airport whilst knowing that if you need help, any of their staff will be able to give you support.

The lanyard is also becoming more widely used in shops and businesses around the UK. 

Visit the website of the airport you are travelling from to find out more about the specific services they offer to people with a hidden condition.

Aberdeen Birmingham Bristol
Cardiff East Midlands Edinburgh
Exeter Gatwick Glasgow
Heathrow Leeds Bradford Liverpool
London City London Southend Luton 
Manchester Newcastle  Stansted

On-Board Badges 

On-Board Pin Badges are being trialled by ScotRail on their Edinburgh to Glasgow routes and at Glasgow Central.

'Please Offer Me A Seat' Badge 

Please Offer Me A Seat Badges are available from Transport for London to make travelling easier for people with a range of conditions that make it difficult to stand.

These are just some of the services/facilities offered. Please contact us if you would like to add details about an assistance scheme not included above.

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