We’re often asked: "aside from medical advice, what will help me manage my condition day-to-day?"

We asked our members and supporters to tell us their top tips for managing their vestibular symptoms. Here’s what they said…

Dietary changes

  • Reduce salt and/or caffeine intake
  • Eat regularly and don’t skip meals
  • Reduce alcohol or sugar
  • Don’t ignore your diet when feeling better
  • Stay hydrated/drink cold water.


  • Moderate (outdoor) exercise
  • Pace yourself
  • Vestibular rehabilitation exercises.


  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Acceptance; don’t dwell on symptoms
  • Alternative/complementary therapies
  • Get plenty of sleep – don’t get overtired.

Be knowledgeable

  • Be informed; find out as much as you can
  • Don’t get hung up on labels, everyone is different
  • Tell people.

Nausea control

  • Root ginger or ginger biscuits
  • Sugar-free mints
  • Sea-bands
  • Carry a bag (just in case!) when out and about.

Out and about

  • Carry a Ménière’s Society capsule with your details inside
  • Use a walking pole; people seem to give you more ‘personal space’ too!
  • Make plans to collect (e.g. a taxi) just in case.

Suggestions post-vertigo attack

  • Remain still & focus on an object/spot in the room
  • Try using a weighted blanket; it’s comforting.


  • Avoid pollen
  • Wear a moulded/fitted mouthguard
  • Avoid (reduce) screens/headphones.

These are all personal suggestions from people with a vestibular condition and are not intended to replace medical advice. What works for one person may not work for you. The Ménière's Society recommends that you always consult your GP, consultant or therapist for professional guidance before you begin, change, temporarily suspend or discontinue any treatment, medication, exercise or diet. The Society cannot advise on individual cases nor accept any liability resulting from the use of any treatments referred to in this information.