Living with a vestibular disorder during the Covid-19 pandemic (survey)

A study from the University of Kent is looking for people to tell them about their experiences during Covid-19. 

You are eligible to participate if you:

  • Have a diagnosed vestibular disorder
  • Are aged 18 or older
  • Live in the UK 

What is the study about?

You are invited to take part in a study about the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on daily activities, employment, and access to clinical care amongst people with a vestibular disorder.

What does the study involve?

The study involves an online survey that will take approximately 20-25 minutes to complete.

How do I take part?

For more information and to access the survey online, go to: 'Living with a Vestibular Disorder During the Covid-19 Pandemic', alternatively, scan the QR Code with the camera of your phone.

You can also view the Survey Advertisement.

The primary researcher, Dr Laura Smith, can be contacted for further information by email:

Do you need vestibular rehabilitation?

Volunteers needed for a Research Study. We are investigating the feasibility and acceptability of providing an 8 week Holographic Balance Rehabilitation programme (HOLOBalance), compared to a commonly used balance rehabilitation programme (The Balance Retraining Programme).


Recruitment Poster                   Recruitment Poster (Plain Text)

You may be suitable if you:

  • Are aged between 40 and 59
  • Can walk 500 metres outside (with or without a stick)
  • Have a clinically confirmed vestibular disorder
  • Are able to attend rehab twice weekly for 8 weeks
  • Are not currently participating in vestibular rehabilitation
  • Do not have a neurological disorder (e.g. stroke)
  • Do not have any acute medical issues that limit your ability to participate in an exercise programme
  • Do not have low mood
  • Do not have cognitive impairment

You will be required to undergo a brief screening session to confirm eligibility prior to enrolment.

For further information please contact or T: 0207 848 6679

Additional information

Find out more about the Meniere's Society Research Programme

Make a one-off or regular donation to our research fund and help us support more vital vestibular research.