Where your money goes

The Ménière’s Society is funded solely from donations and membership subscriptions. We receive no statutory funding and are extremely grateful for all the contributions we receive. All money raised for the Ménière’s Society goes to support the day to day running of the Society and our ongoing research programme.

Day-to-day running of the Society

Funds allocated to the day-to-day running of the Society mean we are able to:

  • provide our information line for those who would like to talk to someone, whether they are newly diagnosed or just want more information about their condition
  • produce our very popular magazine, Spin, which is an invaluable resource providing up to date information on treatment and research into vestibular disorders, as well as facilitating a forum for members to share their experiences
  • produce our information leaflets, booklets and membership packs
  • host our annual conference with expert speakers and networking opportunities for members and health professionals
  • keep our online presence up-to-date via our website, Facebook and Twitter
  • raise awareness of vestibular disorders in the media, with health professionals and the general public
  • give presentations and attend events and exhibitions to patient and professional groups
  • encourage mutual support through the formation of local groups.

Ménière’s Society Research Programme

Established in 1988, our Research Programme supports research aimed at:

  • improving the diagnosis and alleviating the symptoms of Ménière’s disease and related balance disorders
  • the alleviation and cure of Ménière’s disease and related balance disorders
  • the publication of the useful results of such research.

Over the last fifteen years the Ménière’s Society has distributed nearly £0.5million in funds to a variety of research projects. Read more...

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You can also support Ménière’s Society by becoming a member. Benefits include an extensive information pack, quarterly magazine Spin, a complimentary copy of Balance Retraining and Controlling Your Symptoms, voting rights at our AGM and more!