The Ménière’s Society is primarily funded through donations, fundraising and membership fees. We receive no statutory funding and are very grateful for all contributions we receive. All money raised enables us to fund vital research projects and provide support to those affected by vestibular disorders.

Funding vital research

We're proud to have invested over £1million into vestibular research; thanks to all our donors who have made this possible.

The Ménière’s Society’s Research Programme was established in 1998 to promote and support research with the aim of:

  •  improving the diagnosis and alleviation of symptoms of vestibular disorders
  • the alleviation and cure of Ménière’s and related vestibular disorders.

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Helping people affected by vestibular disorders

The Ménière's Society is indispensable – the time to talk and share experiences and channel them for the benefit of all.

Your donations allow us to support people affected by life-changing vestibular disorders day to day. We provide support to those newly diagnosed and those in the later stages who want more information about their condition, as well as friends, family and colleagues who want to find out more through our helpline, magazine, website and more! Find out about the support available from the Ménière's Society.

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Join Us

You can also support the Ménière’s Society by becoming a member. Benefits of membership include:

  • Understand your condition and symptoms
  • Keep updated on treatments and research
  • Support essential vestibular research
  • Get exclusive downloads