Volunteering for us

Whether you have a little time or a lot, we’d love you to volunteer with us.

Volunteering for Individuals

Why volunteer for the Ménière’s Society?
There are many benefits to volunteering, including:
- The opportunity to meet like-minded people
- You can make a difference to others
- A chance to learn a new skill or gain knowledge in a new area
- It looks great on your CV and can improve your employment prospects
- You can use your skills and knowledge to help others
- It’s rewarding and good for the soul!
- It enables you to ‘give something back’.
Whatever your motivation for volunteering, our factsheet (pdf) contains information about some of the ways in which you can get involved; whether you have just 15 minutes, or a day or more to spare.

Volunteering for Organisations

Does your organisation have volunteering days?
Many businesses offer their staff the opportunity to participate in volunteering days. Being a volunteer with the Ménière’s Society will enable your employees to see and contribute to our work first-hand.
Corporate volunteering can benefit your business by:
- Boosting employee morale and motivation
- Promoting employee retention
- Offering an opportunity for team building
- Contributing to professional and personal development
- Demonstrating your organisations corporate social responsibility.
What’s in it for your team members?
Your employees will challenge themselves, learn new skills and meet some incredible and inspiring people. Not only will they develop their team building and communication skills, we hope their time with us will also be fun, as well as using their skills and resources to make a real difference to vestibular disorder sufferers.
How you can help us
Volunteer support is welcome – whether you can offer just a few hours or a day or more. If you have a professional service to offer, e.g. legal, marketing, HR etc., this type of volunteering is helpful and can make a big to us; whether you can offer one or more days or just a few hours of time.

Start volunteering now!

Thank you for choosing to share your time with the Ménière’s Society.
Our office is based in Dorking, Surrey, but a lot of volunteering can be done where you are, so don’t let this put you off!
If you would like to discuss individual or group/employee volunteering with the Ménière's Society, please contact us on 01306 876883 or email info@menieres.org.uk

Further information

Volunteering factsheet - How to Support Us! (pdf)
Corporate Supporters pack (pdf)
Contact us
Please call us on 01306 876883 or email us.

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