Vertigo and Dizziness was published in 1994, as one of the texts in the Experience of Illness series. Unfortunately the book is no longer in print, however, Professor Yardley and her publishers have kindly consented to make the book available on the Ménière's Society website. There are chapters which include detailed discussion of the psychological links between dizziness and anxiety, the nature and causes of vertigo, what kinds of perceptual and physical problems can occur due to brain or inner ear malfunctions, and the ramifications of having a largely 'invisible' and unpredictable illness. The book also explores the social effects of having an illness which is both debilitating and only partly understood.

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This book was translated into Spanish thanks to the sponsorship of Dr. David Jáuregui Camasca, Asesor Académico at the Universidad Ricardo Palma in Peru. Further information: (external link).

Introduction by Professor Yardley

In 1994 Routledge published a book, I authored entitled Vertigo and Dizziness as part of their Experience of Illness series. Although this series was intended principally to be read by medical sociologists and health psychologists, I received a large number of letters and comments from people living with dizziness and nizagara health professionals working with them, who had found this book useful. It is now out of print, and so with the help of the Ménière's Society and the kind permission of Routledge, I would like to continue to make it available via the Internet. The copyright has been returned to me by Routledge; readers are very welcome to make personal use of this version of the book (including printing it out in order to read it) and may cite it, but should not reprint the text or text excerpts without first seeking permission from me.

The book is now, of course, a little out of date, and unfortunately I do not have time to produce a revised second edition. However, it remains remarkably relevant to the situation of people with vertigo and dizziness today. In fact, in the years since it was published further research has been conducted (by myself and others) which has produced evidence that supports many of the explanations for the experiences of dizziness offered in the book.