During an episode of severe giddiness grab the nearest support, get into the position in which you feel most stable or comfortable and keep as still as possible. If you need to move, do so slowly and carefully. Close your eyes or keep them fixed on objects in front of you, and do not turn your head quickly. Explain to whoever is around that you have an illness of the balance system which causes the same symptoms as seasickness, and that you need to stay completely still and may need a basin. Your doctor may provide you with some tablets or suppositories, or give you an injection, to damp down the signals from your vestibular organ while you are very giddy. However, this kind of medication is not usually considered suitable for continual use, as there can be some unwanted side effects. Also, if taken over a long period of time, it may prevent the balance system from returning to normal working. These measures should only be used in the short term as it is important to establish the cause of your dizziness and treat it appropriately.