Supporting the Ménière’s Society through employee fundraising is a great way for employees to have fun, strengthen relationships and raise money for a great cause, as well as promoting a positive corporate image. 








It can help to motivate staff, encourage creativity, improve communications and encourage team building. It demonstrates your company’s commitment to the community, whilst raising valuable funds for us.

Whatever the size or structure of your organisation you can make a difference

We can work with you to develop innovative partnerships and can help you develop your own calendar of activities to get everyone working together and motivated to raise funds for the Ménière’s Society. People enjoy office-based activities because they are fun, rewarding and easy to get involved in. They also don’t push people out of their comfort zone, this is can be important when it comes to building people’s confidence with community work.

Fundraising Ideas

Your business can get involved in a variety of ways, from having a collection tin in a prominent position, to choosing us as your Charity of the Year, to holding a ‘Dress Down Friday’, or simply encouraging your staff to join in our fundraising activities,e.g.:

- Jumper Day; pick a theme (e.g. Christmas) & each person wearing a jumper pays £1
- Wear Blue Day: ask your colleagues to wear blue on a specific day for a £1 donation
- Bake sale: colleagues bring in baked goods and everyone enjoys them for a donation
- Bring 'n' Buy - Ask colleagues to bring things in for others to buy
- Gala dinner and silent auction - we have a 'How to guide' if you are interested in this.

Secrets of success

  • Keep it simple
  • Dedicate specific days to your fundraising
  • Make sure even the busiest colleagues can participate; use dress-down days or after work events
  • Celebrate your success – let everyone know how much you raised for our charity through social media and even let your local papers and radio stations know
  • Remember to take lots of photos!!
  • Be creative and most importantly have fun!

Please Contact us if your organisation would like to get involved.

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