Choosing the Ménière's Society as your Charity of the Year means you’ll be lending your voice to our awareness campaign; helping us reach a wider audience and increase people’s knowledge of little known, but largely debilitating vestibular disorders.

We have worked with a range of companies, which means we would be the perfect partner to choose as your company’s charity of the year. We can provide support by coming along and talk about the charity, what we do and what it costs to run the charity.
We will also feature your story in our triannual magazine and on all social media pages, as well as contacting the local press about the great work you are doing.
We can give you a fantastic package to support your company’s social responsibility programme and engage your employees. We can create something fun, innovative and show you appropriate ways to get the whole of your organisation, customers, clients and stakeholders involved in fundraising.
Getting staff involved in fundraising for The Ménière’s Society is fantastic for motivation and team-building. We have a range of activities and events you can choose from. We could also help decide which activities will work best for your business whilst putting your staff at the heart of our organisation and raising maximum funds.

During our monthly team meeting, the Director of Kan Do Ventures suggested we pick a different charity to support each year. After seeing the negative effect that Ménière’s disease has on both my personal and work life, even after multiple procedures to reduce the symptoms, the company decided it would be a fantastic charity to support for 2018 as we are all desperate to help to find a cure for this horrible disease! Kan Do Ventures have always been so supportive of me and my health but their decision to support the Ménière’s Society made me feel so happy and determined to raise as much money as possible for such a good cause.

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