Organisation Membership

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Benefits of Membership

  • Information to share with your patients
  • Help people access support
  • Keep updated on the latest research
  • Support a vestibular charity
  • Website listing as organisation member 

You'll receive

  • Organisation membership number 
  • Spin magazine
  • Balance Retraining Booklets
  • Controlling your Symptoms Booklets
  • Patient leaflets 
  • Member-rate conference ticket 
  • Health professional listing 
  • Organisation member listing
  • Discounts on online shop purchases

...and more!

Organisation Membership

Health professionals: information for you and your patients (join/renew)

If you are a health professional working in the field of vestibular disorders, your clinic or department can benefit from joining the Meniere's Society.

Access our information and receive printed copies of our leaflets for your patients - saving you time and money. Add to basket to join or renew now!

Please select UK or International membership from the product options below and add to basket. 

Membership is annual. To pay for two or more years at a time, just increase the quantity of memberships in your basket. We will send an invitation to renew when your membership is due.

Want to ensure your membership stays current and doesn't lapse? Set up a regular payment to the Society for seamless renewals; contact us to set this up.

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