You can make donations to the Ménière’s Society, including your membership fee, go further by signing a Gift Aid declaration. By agreeing to Gift Aid, you allow the Society to claim from HMRC the basic rate of income tax on your donation. As the current basic rate of income tax is 20%, this means we can claim an extra 25p for every £1 we receive. As long as you are a UK tax payer, all you have to do is sign a Gift Aid declaration and leave the rest to us. Once we’ve received your Gift Aid declaration any future donations you send will automatically benefit from Gift Aid. We can also recover Gift Aid on any donations you’ve made to the Society in the last four years.

Download the Gift Aid Form (PDF)

Download the Gift Aid Form (Word)

Please print and return your completed form to: The Meniere's Society, The Rookery, Surrey Hills Business Park, Wotton, Surrey RH5 6QT

Gift Aid calculator

Enter the amount you wish to donate and click on calculate to see how much it will be worth to a charity, with Gift Aid.

Proposed Donation: £

Basic tax rate (%):

Full value with Gift Aid: £

If you pay the higher rate of 40%, then:

If you gave £ then you could claim back a tax relief of £, thus only paying your original proposal of £

However, our charity will actually get £—an additional £

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You can also support the Ménière’s Society by becoming a member. Benefits of membership include:

  • Understand your condition and symptoms
  • Keep updated on treatments and research
  • Support essential vestibular research
  • Get exclusive downloads