Many thanks to everyone who has submitted artwork for the Dizziness & Me art project. People often report that friends, colleagues, families and loved ones don’t understand what they are going through due to the hidden nature of this disability. Dizziness & Me aims to change that by asking people to 'show' us how they feel through art. 

Dizziness and Me was an original idea by Debbie Cane, Senior Clinical Scientist at Withington Community Hospital. The Ménière's Society is very pleased to be able to collaborate on this project. Together we can raise awareness of chronic dizziness and increase understanding among the general public, GPs, health professionals and the friends & families of those living with dizziness.

Here is a selection of the images we have received. Images have been submitted by those affected by a vestibular condition, as well as some by health professionals/students working with vestibular patients.

This is an ongoing project, so it's not too late to submit your artwork; we'd love to receive more. Find out how to submit your artwork here.





   'Flux'  (external link to Vimeo website) 

   A short film by Paul Morgan








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