Types of projects funded

Thank you for your interest in applying for research funding from the Ménière’s Society. View the types of projects we fund below.

Please be aware that our research programme is now closed for applications during 2019/20 and our research programme will reopen next year.

If you would like more information about applying for a research grant for the academic and/or financial year 2020/21, click here or contact us.

Bursaries, travel or training grants (e.g. to attend a conference) up to a value of £1,000

The Ménière's Society can provide bursaries for travel expenses and training eligible academics and medical professionals to improve their knowledge and understanding of vestibular disorders. Funding may also be awarded to help launch training courses to improve the management and treatment of vestibular disorders. As a condition of the grant, recipients are expected to provide a full report to the Society.

Small research grants (e.g. to purchase equipment or small investigatory projects) up to a value of £12,000

These grants are aimed at enabling researchers time to explore a speculative area either to establish whether a larger research program would be appropriate, or to gain significant financial support or collaborators for a significant research program beyond the means of the Ménière’s Society. This type of grant can also be used to obtain equipment to enhance a current research program in which case the Society would wish to have some influence on how the equipment was used after the research was completed.

Research grants over £12,000

Research grants are awarded for research projects that may take around 12-18 months to complete. Applications will be peer reviewed to ensure they meet the Society’s funding criteria.

Large research grants in excess of £40,000

Grants are awarded for significant pieces of research and often will take more than one year to complete. All applications in this category will be fully peer reviewed, the exception will be in the case of the Society part funding a major piece of research, in which case a peer review carried out by one of the partners may be acceptable. Major research grants are normally awarded over a period of one-three years. In applying for this type of grant, before committing to writing a full proposal it will usually be beneficial to submit a preliminary proposal giving an outline of objectives and likely cost to establish whether the Ménière’s Society would be potentially interested and has the funds to support it.

More information: How to apply for a research grant

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