Let’s Talk Friday! (Discussion topics)

This initiative is run by the Ménière’s Society to get people talking. Every Friday we will start a discussion via our social media pages (Facebook/Twitter) and encourage people to put their ideas and thoughts forward. Discussion topics will range from exercise tips to low salt recipe ideas. We hope this will build a network of support for sufferers as well as provide useful hints and tips shared by people who live with vestibular conditions.

If you have any discussion ideas, please email them to or suggest them via Twitter (@MenieresSociety) or Facebook by using the hashtag #LetsTalkFriday. If you’re not on Facebook you can still read the discussions by going to:, however, you will be unable to comment or add your ideas.

If this initiative proves successful we hope to develop it further by enlisting various professionals to join in with the discussions in a Q & A format. i.e. ‘employment law specialist’ when discussing ‘problems at work’. For more information, please contact us:

See previous discussion topics by clicking below:

Friday 30th Jan 2015: Exercise

Friday 6th Feb 2015: Tinnitus

Friday 13th Feb 2015: Dining Out

Friday 20th Feb 2015: Children

Friday 27th Feb 2015: Working

Friday 6th March 2015: Pets

Friday 13th March 2015: Hormones

Friday 20th March 2015: Raising Funds

Friday 27th March 2015: Salt

Friday 3rd April 2015: Dieting

Friday 10th April 2015: Treatments

Friday 17th April 2015: Remission

Friday 24th April 2015: Reading

Friday 1st May 2015: Built Environment

Friday 8th May 2015: Hearing Loss

Friday 15th May 2015: Anxiety

Friday 22nd May 2015: Travel

Friday 29th May 2015: Brain Fog

Friday 5th June 2015: Weather

Friday 12th June 2015: CaringForCarers

Friday 19th June 2015: Music

Friday 26th June 2015: Triggers

Friday 3rd July 2015: Autoimmune Disease

Friday 10th July 2015: Pain

Friday 17th July 2015: Support

Friday 24th July 2015: Benefits/PIP

Friday 31st July 2015: Support Groups

Friday 7th August 2015: Social Gatherings

Friday 14th August 2015: Balance Awareness Week

Friday 21st August 2015: Age & Diagnosis

Friday 28th August 2015: Hobbies

Friday 4th September 2015: Fatigue

Friday 11th September 2015: Positive Achievements

Friday 18th September 2015: Balance

Friday 25th September 2015: Conference

Friday 2nd October 2015: Pregnancy

Friday 16th October 2015: In The Family

Friday 23rd October 2015: MakeADifference

Friday 30th October 2015: Fireworks(sounds/flashing)

Friday 6th November 2015: Stress

Friday 13th November 2015: Your Care

Friday 20th November 2015: Mood Swings

Friday 27th November 2015: Alcohol

Friday 4th December 2015: Why?

Friday 11th December 2015: Missed Events

Friday 18th December 2015: Ear or Ears [an informal poll]

Friday 25th December 2015: Christmas

Friday 1st January 2016: New Year Resolution

Friday 8th January 2016: Cycles

Friday 15th January 2016: Sinuses

Friday 22nd Janurary 2016: Sleep

Friday 29th Janurary 2016: Special Diets

Friday 5th February 2016: Blogs

Friday 12th February 2016: hyperacusis

Friday 19th February 2016: Relationships

Friday 26th February 2016: Alternative Treatments

Friday 4th March 2016: Transport

Friday 11th March 2016: Food/Drink Triggers

Friday 18th March 2016: Days Out

Friday 25th March 2016: Sports

Friday 1st April 2016: Menopause

Friday 8th April 2016: Medication

Friday 15th April 2016: Warning Signs

Friday 22nd April 2016: Cluster Attacks

Friday 29th April 2016: Lighting

Friday 6th May 2016: Improving Tinnitus

Friday 13th May 2016: Other Conditions

Friday 20th May 2016: Panic Attacks

Friday 27th May 2016: Where in the World?

Friday 3rd June 2016: Eye sight

Friday 10th June 2016: Attack Tips

Friday 17th June 2016: Isolation

Friday 24th June 2016: Electronic Devices

Friday 1st July 2016: Keeping Appointments

Friday 8th July 2016: Thanks For Your Support

Friday 15th July 2016: Cooking

Friday 22nd July 2016: Blue Badge Scheme

Friday 29th July 2016: Sign Language

Friday 5th August 2016: Symptoms

Friday 12th August 2016: Peer Support

Friday 2nd September 2016: Emotional Times

Friday 9th September 2016: After Effects

Friday 16th September 2016: VRT

Friday 23rd September 2016: Drop Attacks

Friday 30th September 2016: Your Healthcare

Friday 7th October 2016: Aural Fullness

Friday 14th October 2016: Share a Tip

Friday 21st October 2016: Nausea

Friday 28th October 2016: Jumpiness

Friday 4th November: Pet Pics

Friday 11th November: Young People

Friday 18th November: Medical Professionals

Friday 25th November: Epley Manoeuvre

Friday 2nd December: Nystagmus

Friday 9th December: Jobs

Friday 16th December: Songs For Dizziness

Friday 23rd December: Thank You

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