Research: Participants Wanted - Patterns & Visual Comfort

Neurodiversity in the Workplace: Patterns and Visual Comfort

Volunteers needed to help with a research study to understand the effect of patterned finishes in office spaces. The research will contribute data towards better understanding of how office environments affect us.
What’s involved?
You will need to bring your own laptop or reading materials and come and work on the ground floor for a period of 1 hour (+15mins for breaks). There are four study spaces, you will be asked to work in each of them for 15 minutes and complete a short questionnaire at the end of each session. That’s it! 
When is it?
The study spaces will be available on Friday 5, 12 and 19 July from 10-5pm. The timeslots will run every 20 minutes past the hour.
Where is it taking place?
Participants will need to attend the study in central London.
More information
Please email for more information and to arrange a time slot.

You can also contact the Ménière's Society for more information.

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