Let’s Talk Friday 2018

Let's Talk Friday is back!

This initiative is run by the Ménière’s Society to get people talking. Every Friday we will start a discussion on our social media pages (Facebook/Twitter) and encourage people to put their ideas and thoughts forward. Discussion topics vary and we hope this will build a network of support for those affected by vestibular conditions, as well as provide useful hints and tips. 

Share your experience. Join the discussion. On Facebook and Twitter.

If you have any discussion ideas, please email them to or suggest them via Twitter or Facebook by using the hashtag #LetsTalkFriday. If you’re not on Facebook you can still read the discussions by going to:, however, you will be unable to comment or add your ideas.

Discussion Topics 2018

Friday 12 January Driving

Click here to view topics from our earlier #LetsTalkFriday discussions in 2015-16

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