Advent Quiz 2018

In the run up to Christmas we thought we’d have a little fun with an Advent Quiz. Each day from 1-24 December we’ll post a fun question which could be to do with Christmas or the work of the Ménière's Society. We hope you’ll join in and encourage family and friends to take part too.

Please share our Advent Quiz posts and help us raise awareness and vital funds for the Society through our Well Balanced Christmas campaign. (this link takes you to the JustGiving website).

Scroll down for the answers at the bottom of this page - we’ll post the answers to questions on the following day!

6 December 2018

Which is the most popular ornament used to place to the top of the Christmas tree?

5 December 2018

What fizzy drink company features a happy, smiling Santa Claus?

4 December 2018

How many members of staff currently work at the Meniere's Society?

3 December 2018

What two phrases will you almost always find on Christmas gift tags?

2 December 2018

Red and green are the colours most associated with Christmas. Which two other colours are also extremely popular during this season?

1 December 2018

What snacks do children traditionally leave out for Father Christmas?

















Answers to Advent Quiz...

1 December - Cookies & Milk

2 December - Gold & Silver

3 December - 'To' and 'From'

4 December - Four

5 December - Coca Cola

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