Top Ten Fundraising Tips

1. SET A TARGET  - It will give you something to aim for and keep you motivated

2. START EARLY - The sooner you start your fundraising, the more you can raise

3. FEELING GENEROUS - Ask your generous friends to sponsor you first to set an example! This applies to paper sponsor forms as well as online ones!

4. KEEP IT LEGAL - Please stick to our fundraising rules and the relevant laws & regulations*

5. WHO DO YOU KNOW? - See if local pubs, companies or shops, will collect money for you

6. GET SOCIAL - Use social media to share your story, updates and fundraising page.

7. MIX AND MATCH - You can boost funds by organising a mini fundraiser to go towards your target. For example a dress-down day at work or school, or a car boot sale.

8. DOUBLE UP - Some employers offer a match funding initiative where they can literally match every pound you raise! It’s worth asking as can make a huge difference to us.

9. BE MEDIA SAVVY - Contact local TV, radio or newspapers to gain publicity & awareness

10. BE INFORMATIVE - Keep us & your supporters updated on your progress by sharing pictures, fundraising totals or stories about your event.


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