Media Tips

During this year’s Balance Awareness Week (20-26 September 2020) we want to raise more awareness of vestibular conditions. In the run up to the week, you may want to contact your local newspaper or radio station to get them involved. As we only have a small team of staff, we’re extremely grateful for any support we receive. Here are some tips and pointers for those of you who choose to help us in this way.

What is Balance Awareness Week all about?

Balance Awareness Week is a global effort to raise awareness of vestibular (inner ear) disorders which cause dizziness and balance problems. We want to defeat dizziness.

Why are you supporting Balance Awareness Week?

If you are asked why you are supporting Balance Awareness Week 2020, give your own personal reasons. Personal stories are great and others can relate to them.

Did you know?

40% of people over 40 suffer symptoms of dizziness and/or imbalance at some time.
Vertigo can be truly debilitating and many vestibular conditions have no cure.

Please give our contact details

It is really important for people to be aware national support is available.
“For more details and a free information pack about dizziness and balance disorders, please contact the Meniere’s Society on 01306 876883 or visit
Give a positive example of how the Meniere’s Society has supported you.

Is there support in your local area?

As well as giving the Meniere’s Society’s details to local radio/press, let them know if there is a local support group near you. Mention how often and where they meet. Explain how they’ve supported you and/or what you do if you are the group leader.

Don’t forget…

Don’t give medical advice or information (unless you are a qualified medical professional)
Please make it clear you are a Balance Awareness Week supporter and not a formal representative of the Ménière’s Society.
Don’t refer to 'facts' as these may not be well sourced or may even be changed or misinterpreted by the reporter!
Speak from the heart and share your experiences.

We really appreciate your support. Thank you

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