Blue Monday

What is Blue Monday?

Blue Monday is a fundraising initiative aimed at raising both awareness and funds for the Ménière’s Society. We’re asking people to get involved by wearing blue to raise awareness, and donate £1 to the Ménière’s Society to raise funds to support our work.

When is Blue Monday?

Our Blue Monday event will be on the first Monday during Balance Awareness Week - Monday 21 September 2020.

Why Blue Monday?

As with other Balance Awareness Weeks, we will be working with other charities in a global effort to raise the profile of vestibular disorders. The 'blue' partly comes from our charity logo, as well as a play on words about feeling ‘blue’. Lots of people can relate to that Monday morning ‘blue’ feeling. However, when someone is suffering from the effects of a vestibular disorder they may have that blue feeling every other day of the week too. Dizziness and balance problems can affect people of all ages - from birth to later life. Some people are so disabled by their vestibular condition they are unable to work at all. For children, it may affect school performance and stop them joining in with all the activities. It goes without saying that sufferers would give anything to be well enough to have that blue Monday morning feeling just one day a week! Not only would we like to raise awareness and funds for the Ménière’s Society, we’d like Blue Monday to be a thought-provoking exercise amongst non-sufferers.

How to take part

It’s super simple – just attend work, school or a social gathering wearing blue and make a donation to the Ménière’s Society (we suggest a minimum of £1). Alternatively, you can support this initiative in a bigger way by kindly asking an organisation or school you know, to take part. Due to the size and resources of our charity it would be impossible to market this event directly to all schools and businesses across the UK. Instead we are asking our supporters and members to suggest this event to schools and organisations which may be interested in participating – possibly due to a connection with someone who has a vestibular disorder. We strongly believe schools and businesses that are somehow linked to a person with a vestibular condition are much more likely to want to support such an event. We cannot run this event without our members and supporters approaching potential organisations so please help if you can.

How to donate your £1 donations

Please send all fundraising money collected to The Ménière’s Society, The Rookery, Surrey Hills Business Park, Wotton, Dorking, Surrey, RH5 6QT. Please provide your full name and address so we can send an acknowledgment. Cheques should be made payable to Meniere's Society. Alternatively, you can pay direct to the Meniere's Society CAF Bank account: Sort code: 40-52-40 Account number: 00017973. If you have any questions, please email us or call 01306 876883. You can also visit the 'Support Us' section of our website to find out about more ways to donate.

Why we need your help

The Ménière’s Society is the only registered charity in the UK dedicated solely to supporting people with vestibular (inner ear) disorders causing dizziness and imbalance. We are a national organisation offering information and support to those affected by vestibular conditions and those who care for them; as well as health professionals and the general public. Many vestibular disorders are incurable and truly debilitating. We fund pioneering research into various inner ear conditions in the hope of one day defeating dizziness. Anyone can be affected by a debilitating inner ear condition and it can come on for no apparent reason, and sometimes never go away. Sufferers can experience long-term and often permanent hearing loss, tinnitus, severe vertigo attacks, sickness and many other unpleasant symptoms which can greatly affect their quality of life. Please help us spread awareness by taking part in Blue Monday!

Please email us for further information. 

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