We're proud to have invested over £1million into vestibular research! 

About the Meniere's Society Research Programme

The Meniere's Society Research Programme was established in 1998. Over the last 21 years we have been pleased to have contributed over £1million into research projects; we now have a better understanding of the psychology of vestibular disorders; better tests to identify and monitor conditions and better, less destructive, treatments for severe cases.
The Society is proud to have furthered understanding of these complex conditions and to have supported research across a number of disciplines. At the same time, the Society has built  a reputation within the research community as a supporter of valuable research. This has encouraged researchers to approach the Society with innovative and valuable research proposals.
Read our report Balancing Everything Out to find out more about our ongoing research programme.

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Success has consequences and whilst we have been able to support many vital research projects, sadly, the Society’s research reserves are limited and we now receive more valid requests than we have the funds to support. 
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Leaving a legacy to the Ménière’s Society is a lasting gift to a cause that is important to you during your lifetime. Not only will you help us with carrying out our day-to-day work, but your gift can also help us to plan for the future of the Society. In the past, larger legacies have enabled us to support research projects which we would not have been able to do otherwise.

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