New research study for Meniere's disease.

What’s on

[June 2017] Update of what's taking place and what's coming up at the Meniere's Society.

New Social Media Feature ~ Topic Talk

A weekly social media feature new for 2017

Hearing Aids for Music

Survey exploring the music listening behaviour of people with hearing impairments

Christmas Card Sale 2017

Christmas card sale 2017

Prize Draw 2016 - Winners

Christmas Prize Draw Update

Prize Draw - Your chance to win £1000!

Enter our Christmas Raffle for your chance to win £1000.

Ménière’s Society Christmas Campaign #WellBalancedChristmas

If you or a loved one are affected by severe dizziness due to a vestibular disorder and you often end up with your Christmas ruined because of your symptoms, then please support our campaign to defeat dizziness.

Results of clinical trial

Severe dizziness treated with steroid injections into the eardrum.

Scientific Essay Competition

Ménière’s Society - Scientific Essay Competition Winners Announced!